Losing Weight After Cancer-Dos and Don'ts!

Losing Weight After Cancer-Dos and Don'ts!




Maintaining a healthy lifestyle is important but it becomes difficult after getting diagnosed with cancer because cancer patients usually gain weight during or after their treatment. This is particularly true of breast cancer patients. Although slight fluctuations in weight after chemotherapy are not dangerous, significant weight gain may affect your health and might affect your ability to tolerate your treatments.




Reason For Weight Gain After Treatment:

1. It may be a result of a variety of factors, including hormonal effects or changes induced by the disease or its treatment. 

2. People tend to exercise less while taking chemotherapy.

3. Some medications might increase your appetite.




4. Some weight gain is also caused by fluid retention in your body.

5. Certain chemotherapy regimens may also cause patients to lose muscle and gain fat tissue.

6. Eating “comfort” foods to offset side effects like nausea or stress can also result in increased weight gain.




Dos of losing weight after cancer

1. Talk to your doctor or a registered dietician about a safe and sensible plan designed specifically for you and your needs. 

2. Incorporate moderate exercise because it can help reduce anxiety and depression as well as lower the risk of recurrence. You can find an activity you enjoy to boost your commitment to exercising. 




3. Keep a food log and create a healthy eating plan. Fill up on nourishing, natural low-calorie foods, such as including a fruit or vegetable in every meal.

4. Get adequate sleep. 




5. Be nice and kind to yoruself and take it slow and steady. Do not punish yourself.

Donts of losing weight after cancer

1. Avoid eating concentrated sweets such as sugar, honey and candy.




2. Do not weigh yourself daily unless you have fluid retention.

3. Do not try any fad diets without discussing with your healthcare provider.

4. Avoid skipping any meals or snacks.

5. Put the brakes on supplement use. 




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