With Rachna Chhachhi (PhD Holistic Nutritionist, Cancer Nutrition Coach, Founder – Rachna Restores.)

Cancer can undermine your mental and physical well being. Holistic nutrition approaches health and healing from the concept of entire well being and balance. Holistic Nutrition should be started from Day 1 because it increases the chances of recovery from the side effects and cancer itself to a much higher level as well as the quality of life. Holistic nutrition steps in to ensure that the patient is healthier to take the onslaught of these treatments and they don’t succumb to these treatments.



Surgery puts trauma on the body and mind. The anxiety starts at the stage of diagnosis. Chemotherapy completely destroys the digestive system. According to the clinically proven data, a number of patients don’t succumb to cancer; they succumb to side effects of cancer treatments.



  •  Holistic nutrition repairs the gut at the time when it needs to absorb nutrients much more because the body needs a higher amount of nutrients than what is listed as RDA recommended daily allowances.
  •  Since the immune system is weak, the inflammation levels are high and there has to be a systematic process. 
  •  Cancer patients whose diagnosis is done pre-surgery and pre-chemotherapy have a different diet from during chemotherapy, surgery, radiation and post recovery. All these stages have specific cancer nutrition diet which is different respectively.





The first goal is to pacify and start repairing the gut because our digestive system strengthens our immune system by absorbing nutrients. Anxiety levels are directly related to acidic destruction of your oesophagus and your entire immune system. The best natural way in which you can strengthen your gut is a combination of vegetables with unsaturated fats. It’s a best combination to repair because it naturally produces Probiotics. Liver and kidneys also have to be optimal at that point in time. Cancer patients recover fast by fast toxin removal.

There are two kinds of cancer nutrition:


  1. PHYSICAL NUTRITION i.e. the food you eat.
  2. EMOTIONAL NUTRITION i.e. Balance between the body and mind.





Your mind is your strength and immune power. How to strengthen your mind also comes under cancer nutrition and with its specific steps. As anxiety reduces, consequently your physical nutritional health increases. Chances of survival, recovery and chances of reducing the reoccurrence should be the main focus in approaching Holistic Nutrition. Don’t wait for the last stage for holistic approach. Start fortifying yourself today.


Author-Meenakshi Bharti

Editor- Akriti Gupta, Abhinita Singh

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