Meet Cancer warrior Sapna Gupta

Meet Cancer warrior Sapna Gupta


Cancer Survivor Sapna Gupta



Sapna Gupta, a housewife was planning a family trip to Bangalore when she first found the lump on her right breast. She ignored it as she didn’t know it could be breast cancer. A few days later in Bangalore, she spotted blood coming out of her right breast. She was shocked and didn’t understand why it is happing she asked her sister. After seeing her symptoms her sister couldn’t believe it. She knew it could be breast cancer. She told Sapna ji, this is not a good sign you should consult a doctor. 






A trip that was meant to be a happy memory turned out to be the worst nightmare. She was 38 years old with two kids and now had breast cancer. After returning from the trip, she went to consult the doctor. Her treatment started within a few days. She had to face many challenges during her treatment but always had support from her family. People who visited gave her positivity and strength to fight the disease. Her two kids were the most significant source of strength throughout. She constantly worried for kids which ultimately made her a fighter. 




 Remembering the most difficult time Sapna Ji shared, “It was my first chemo session, and I went empty stomach. That was my mistake. I had no knowledge about the kind of diet I should consume to avoid situations like being unconscious. After taking my first chemo I lost consciousness. I was hospitalized and was unconscious for 3 days. My family got scared and was constantly worried about what will happen now. It seemed impossible for me to wake up. Those 3 days were extremely difficult for my family and the most challenging part of my treatment. 





She believes her journey to survive the cancer was just not limited to getting better for her kids, but it has a bigger meaning. She fought cancer and got a second chance to live and has a bigger purpose now, to help and educate women on breast cancer. 

She quotes, “I believe I have been reborn after battling cancer. It has given me a new life and a fresh perspective on life. I can see the beauty of life now & I wish to spend the rest of my life helping others through my experiences and journey. I believe God has given me this second life just to help others.” With her experience and knowledge, she has created awareness amongst women about breast cancer & self-examination. Women talk to her to gain strength to fight the diseases. She pushes them to get the treatment as early as possible and teaches others about self-breast examination. 





She has a very vibrant personality and positivity to live life to the fullest. She is living her best life by spending time with her family and taking trips across the country and celebrating life. Even the removal of one breast didn’t stop her from going out & meeting people. She says,” people can’t tell I don’t have one breast”, using a prosthetic bra gives her confidence and completes her look making it impossible for people to know about her cancer.





Breast cancer is very common among women but what’s important to remember is to not ignore the symptoms and seek treatment on time. Removal of breast or losing hair is serious concern for most of the women, they often say no to the treatment because of it but it’s important to remember, “Jaan Hai to Jahan Hai”. There are many options available in the market, prosthetic bra for breast cancer survivor and artificial or natural hair wigs can be used after completing the treatment. Doctor also recommends using Cancer Bra pads or prosthetic bras after a few months of surgery. Cancer can only be dangerous if we remain ignorant. Awareness & on time treatment is the key! 


Written by: Vidushi Agnihotri

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